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Home Office Essentials: Amazon Must Haves

Most of us are working or studying from home full time, so I decided to share my list of home office essentials from Amazon! I have been working from home for most of 2020. As a law student, I attended classes remotely via zoom. Now that I have graduated from law school, Libraries were closed in my city, so I also did the vast majority of my studying from home as well.

The more time I spent working from home, the more I realized the need for home work and study aids. Sitting down for hours is hard on the human body in many ways. All of these products have helped make long hours working from home a lot more comfortable.

Watch the video above to see my amazon must haves for everyone from students to employees, to the self-employed!

If you would like to see my home office essentials shop, click HERE

Maha Maven Amazon Must Haves: My Storefront for Home Office Essentials

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