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How to Get Soft Feet Overnight

Do you want to know how to get soft feet fast?


Literally overnight. I mean it.  I have a lot of experience with this because I use this method nightly to get soft, smooth feet after a long day.  Before I discovered this method, I had tried a number of different foot creams but could never get my feet to stay moisturized through the night.  Needless to say, this was a lifesaver!


What you will need

Thick socks

Vaseline Total Moisture Cocoa Radiant Vitalizing Body Gel Oil

If you don’t have the gel oil, then Vaseline makes a suitable replacement



This works best if you do it right after the shower when your skin is still wet, and therefore the most permeable.  Rub the gel oil into the skin, using a generous amount so that there is some excess oil on your feet.

Then put your socks on! Make sure you choose a pair that are loose fitting, but come up above your ankles and won’t slip off.  Continue your nighttime routine and then go to bed wearing your socks.  Your feet will thank you in the morning. That’s how to get soft feet fast!


P.S. Studies actually show that wearing socks to bed can help you sleep better! Now that’s what I call “beauty sleep.”


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