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Most clients experience tangible improvements in their relationships, mindset and habits through my 1:1 sessions. Below, clients share some of the insights they gleaned from a single session.

Areas of Focus

  • Dating, Relationships, and Understanding Common Pitfalls
  • Developing Confidence
  • Coming into your Femininity and Sensuality
  • Emotional Control and Calm
  • Life Giving Habits
  • Unlocking the Power of the Mind
  • Career Planning through Self Discovery
  • Celibacy and Intentional Singleness

Coaching Packages

I have a number of coaching packages that provide significant discounts for those who would like to pursue in depth coaching for total transformation. The below options are some of the most popular packages! If you would like to request a custom package or a payment plan, feel free to reach out to info@mahamaven.com.

60 Minute 1-on-1 Session with Fumi

Use the calendar below for a 45 minute coaching session!

“Fumi was very direct, and got right to the heart of the issue quickly.”

“The emotional process of healing [doesn’t] have to be poised or graceful in and of themselves, but the healing process must be intentional and strategic.”

“I developed clarity on dating strategies that could be the most effective and successful for my specific goals moving forward.”

Through coaching, I help clients achieve a deeper understanding of the why behind certain cycles they experience, in order to begin the healing process at the root.

“I learned new ways of intentional self reflection in my coaching with Fumi. In the time since our call, there have been a handful of mindfulness and journaling exercises she recommended that have helped me to center my own needs, standards, and boundaries — especially processing events in real time, or at least as soon as possible. Remembering how I felt in the moment and having that past record to look back on has been eye-opening for seeing changes in how I currently process and respond to present-day life events.”

“Fumi was able to gauge where I was mentally and emotionally before giving me specific tasks for homework. Then, she shared her own experiences, sprinkled in some much needed belly laughs, reminders in faith, and made suggestions for next steps, while continually checking in and including me in the planning process. She was slowly giving me back agency with the support and confidence I needed.”

Every coaching call is recorded, so that clients are free to revisit sessions over time to continue the healing and learning process on their own.

I appreciated having the voice memo of our session to replay because it held different meanings for me each time I listened to it. Between replays, I would be in a different mindset with newer experiences informing how I heard the recording. I learned new things each time and also re-heard pieces of truths I’ve known and may have needed to hear again in the moment. I also benefited greatly from the real-time advice Fumi gave me based on where I was in my life during the coaching call. Our conversation gave me an unexpected confidence boost to stand strong in what I want, in my ethics, and to not sway from that.