Become the Prize: Healing, Self Love, & Dating Fundamentals


12 week healing, self love, and dating fundamentals course designed to help you best position yourself to raise your standards and have them consistently met by the type of men that you want.


Join me a for a life-changing, 12 week program that will help you become:

  • A woman who has a clear sense of direction and purpose in her life
  • A woman who is confident and unapologetically herself
  • A woman who is in touch with her intuition, and has the conviction to act on it
  • A woman who exhibits the epitome of grace, emotional control, and poise
  • A woman who finally feels control over her love life and dating experiences

What you’ll get:

  • 12 Weeks of my Tested Curriculum 1:1 (Personal Development and Dating) [$4050 value]
  • 4 LIVE Q+A sessions with Fumi (@mahamaven) [$600 value]
  • Permanent Access to a Community of like-minded women [$99]
  • More confidence, better boundaries, a clear sense of direction, and a better understanding of your needs and how to meet them [PRICELESS]


For ONLY $357 for a LIMITED TIME


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