52 Beauty Tips and Tricks

The 52 Beauty Tips and Tricks I wish someone had told me

beauty tips and tricks

52 beauty tips and tricks to boost your regimen!

  1. Tired of smudging your mascara? Don’t lower your chin to apply mascara, lift.

  2. Thinning Brows? Castor Oil applied every day and night will significantly thicken them in a matter of weeks.

  3. Start painting your nails on your pinky finger to completely avoid smudging your nails as your go along.

  4. Pesky Under-eye bags? After steeping your tea, put it in the refrigerator. When cool, apply to your eyes and watch those bags deflate!

  5. Prevent ingrown toenails by trimming straight across, and not down into the corners of the nail.

  6. Pluck eyebrows in the direction that they grow, not opposite it.

  7. Use crushed pineapple or kiwi as a heel scrub. The enzymes in both fruits soften and help get rid of callused skin.

  8. Avoid touching your face throughout the day to prevent breakouts, and always wash your hands before applying makeup!

  9. Eye drops are essential to gorgeous eye makeup! Pop in a drop or two per eye five minutes before applying your eye makeup, and by the time you finish you will have bright eyes that look wide awake!

  10. Use a brow pencil on its side, and deliver short strokes for the most natural looking brow.

  11. Play up the flecks in your eyes by matching them to your eyeshadow!

  12. Hairspray on a toothbrush will tame your brows, and hold them all day long! I prefer this to brown gel in warm weather.

  13. Ice cube face massage anyone? 10 minutes of this everyday helps with acne, wrinkles, AND under-eye bags. Looking for something a little stronger? A dermatologist might be able to help you get the skin you’ve always dreamed of through procedures such as glycolic peels and laser treatments (click for more information about some of the amazing treatments out there).

  14. Baby your eye area, it’s very fragile and one of the first places to show signs of aging. Use your ring and pinky finger when applying creams and makeup, NOT your pointer or middle finger. Why? Your ring and pinky fingers are weaker, and therefore give a gentler touch.

  15. Cellulite? Coffee scrub the area. No joke. Post coming soon.

  16. VASELINE. Enough said.

  17. ESSENTIAL OILS. Again, enough said.

  18. Pepto Bismol facial. Yes, I said Pepto Bismol. Read all about the benefits here.

  19. Phillips makes the best primer for oily skin on the market. It’s called Milk of Magnesia. It can also be used as a facial! There’s an amazing post all about it on one of my favorite beauty blogs, Makeup and Beauty Blog. Find the post here.

  20. Set eyeliner with an eyeshadow in the same color for all day wear. This is a lifesaver on my waterline. So for all those girls with smudged liner, you know who you are, check this out!

  21. A highlighting eyeshadow above your lash line and in the inner corner of your eye will seriously open up those peepers!

  22. Astringent is a must have, especially for those will oil skin. I use it at night to clean pores, and gently chemically exfoliate my skin. Here’s how to incorporate it into a routine.

  23. Not feeling the white eyeliner in the waterline? It’s way to bright for me, so I use the concealer pencil I use to highlight. It’s much more natural and works like a charm.

  24. Bottom lash guards work wonders for those new to bottom lash mascara application. Get yours here (Not an affiliate link).

  25. Benzoyl Peroxide is the best miracle pimple spot treatment ever. When Aunt Flo comes to town, I always keep it handy.

  26. Tape will keep the edges of your eyeshadow looking sharp and professional!

  27. Blend blush up into your cheekbone for a more slender looking face.

  28. Looking for a foundation? Swatch on your neck for an even match. I also like to swatch on the back of my hand. Where NOT to swatch? The inside of your wrist, it’s too pale. Save that for the perfume aisle!

  29. When swatching foundation or concealer, let it set before you choose! Many foundations and concealers set a different color than they initially swatch.

  30. Oil skin in overdrive during the warmer months? Swap your moisturizer out for aloe vera gel a few days a week. This gel stops oil production, but is highly moisturizing on its own.

  31. Apply face cream and cleanser in an upward motion.

  32. Overdue for a brow clean up? Concealer underneath the brows does the trick to hide pesky hairs.

  33. On special occasions apply your makeup way ahead of time, before you do your hair. This will let the makeup set for a more natural finish and give you time to make any adjustments for a polished, more put together look!

  34. VITAMINS should be part of a well balanced diet! Your body allocates nutrients by a hierarchy. When it has more than enough nutrients for more important organs, like your brain, it will begin the allocate the left over nutrients for organs lower on the hierarchy like YOUR SKIN. Score.

  35. Exfoliate your lips everyday before bed. This will ensure a moisturized, smooth surface for any butters/balms/glosses/or lipsticks you want to apply the next day.

  36. Face massage every night will keep your circulation up and prevent premature aging. Rumor has it, this is Jennifer Aniston’s secret to timeless beauty. She likes Vaseline too!

  37. Blend, Blend, Blend and Blend some more. This is what separates the beauty amateurs from the professionals.

  38. Scalp massages bring circulation to the area, promoting a healthy scalp and thus promoting hair growth. Works for me.

  39. Lip balm, or Vaseline, 10 minutes before applying lipstick or lip gloss will greatly improve the appearance of your lips! Dab off the excess before you apply your lipcolor and you are ready to go!

  40. Wash your face with warm water to open pores and allow for a deeper clean, then rinse with cold water to close your pores back up.

  41. Smile when you apply lipstick, especially liquid lipstick, so that you get the most complete coverage and get the color into ever line.

  42. Olive oil is a beauty elixir for hair and skin. Stay tuned for an in-depth post.

  43. Apply your moisturizer right after you wash your face, when your skin is still damp. This promoted maximal absorption.

  44. If you have trouble covering under-eye circles or skin blemishes with concealer, try using a color corrector underneath your concealer.

  45. Beauty starts from within, literally and figuratively. So literally, DRINK WATER.

  46. Setting powder on your eyelids for days you aren’t wearing shadow should help with oil. For very oily eyelids, do a primer then the setting powder.

  47. To make perfume last and last? Dab Vaseline on the area you want to use it, then spray. Perfume evaporates faster off of dry skin. Vaseline will hold the scent and moisturize the skin where you’ve sprayed it. This works for expensive and cheap perfumes alike.

  48. Increase you protein intake for stronger, longer hair.

  49. No blotting sheets? Too expensive for your taste? Crepe paper (used for wrapping gifts) is the same exact thing.

  50. EXFOLIATE. Regularly, but not everyday.

  51. Overdo the perfume? Dab rubbing alcohol on top of where you’ve sprayed it. It will cut the scent without changing it.

  52. Elevate your feet while resting to improve circulation and prevent varicose veins. If you already have them and they have become worse and painful, go over to https://www.abellahealth.com/ to see what they can do for you.

One tip I haven’t put in is look for discounts from brand influencers. This is more a tip for helping you save money, but every little helps! My friend recently showed me https://www.glossier.com/reps/rohini as she managed to save a little bit of money with the discount. So, get looking for those influencer discount codes!

I hope you enjoyed my 52 tried and true beauty tips and tricks! As always, thank you so much for stopping by. Please feel free to comment with any questions!