Meet Fumi, aka Maha Maven

Fumi is a licensed attorney and content creator who specializes in personal development and interpersonal relationships. 

Fumi graduated from Dartmouth College with a major in political science, before going on to work as an intern in the Obama White House.  She then attended Penn Law, where she earned a Juris Doctorate degree.  She has an impressive background doing meaningful work in international law, criminal justice, and big law.

I’m a creative at heart

living her best life 

A few of my Favorite things…



I have journaled nearly everyday for the past decade.  When I first began journaling, it was so awkward that I had to practically force myself to sit down and do it.  Today, it is an invaluable part of my morning devotional routine and nightly digest. I believe so strongly in the power of journaling that I have my clients develop the habit using customized journal prompts. 

developing healthy self talk


Personal Development

Simply put, personal development is anything you do to consciously improve yourself.  It can involve reading, exercise, meditation, and other life giving habits.  My personal development journey has been central to becoming the woman I am today.

do life on purpose


Health and Beauty

Many of us as woman have experienced having the joy of pampering and beautification dampened by societal pressures.  However, I believe that a crucial part of healing and self discovery is returning to the wholesome richness of our grooming rituals.  I have found that prioritizing me time is essential to self love. By treating myself with the same tenderness that I expect from others, I gain the confidence to set and stand behind my boundaries.

treat yourself


Creating Content

I started making content nearly a decade ago, as I embarked on a five year journey of intensive introspection and discovery of self through faith and mindfulness. Making content became a way to document and process all the changes that I was experiencing, and created a mirror that compelled me to continually look within.  Having been a content creator for most of my adult life, it is not an overstatement to say that content creation is as much as part of my personal development than anything else. 

creativity as self discovery

Fun Facts about me:

in a nutshell


I am team all white bedding


I love period pieces


I started undergrad as a premed major


I don’t drink coffee 


I have been in love with Sephora since I was 15 years old


I am a passionate plant mom


I was a two season athlete in high school


Aside from content creation, I tend to s