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Benefits of my 1:1 Coaching Program

I offer 1:1 coaching for women in a number of areas: . To date, I have coaching hundreds of women ages 18 through early 40s.  Below are some of ways you can expect to benefit from working with me:


  • Build your confidence, deepen your self love, and increase your self worth
  • Discover your life vision and purpose, and gain valuable tools for career planning
  • Develop healthy self-nurturing habits and routines to help you prioritize self-care
  • Attract higher quality men, friendships, and opportunities
  • Learn to vet and date effectively, without oversharing or overcommitting too soon
  • Master the art of healthy detachment
  • Learn how to set and communicate boundaries that you can stick to long term
  • Raise your standards, and finally have them met
  • Cultivate your femininity, and strengthen your intuition
  • Build your confidence, deepen your self love, and increase your self worth

    And more! Every client receives access to their recorded sessions so they can always revisit lessons, and review their progress.

    client Testimonials

    My session with Fumi was more than I could have expected. She was so insightful and she gave me several activities to do on my own after our session. Since then, completing those journaling activities has opened my eyes to a lot about myself. I’ve done a ton of internal work but her coaching helped me uncover some things that I didn’t realize needed attention. I not only have more explicit boundaries, but I feel more comfortable sticking to them. I already notice the change in my dating life, particularly being less anxious about losing men. Having a more solid foundation in who I am and what I want has given me the confidence to know that I’m not asking for too much and there’s a man out there who will provide it. Coaching with Fumi is exactly what I needed to start this next chapter.

    Kendra Elaine

    Fumi’s coaching and advice is like gold dust. In just a few sessions she helped me shift my perspective on dating, with gentle but realistic and eye-opening guidance. I left the sessions feeling uplifted, with a fresh motivation to focus on myself, up my standards and boundaries and better understand what it truly is I’m looking for in a partner. If any of Fumi’s content online strikes a personal chord and you want to delve deeper, her coaching is the premium access version and highly worth exploring. 

    Ellie, 30, London (UK)

    From my session with Fumi, I learned how to distinguish the difference between an anxious response and a reasonable response to disrespect.  Fumi was very direct, and got right to the heart of the issue quickly.  Since our session I have rekindled things with my ex-partner. Our new relationship is much stronger than the last.

    I took your feedback, to heart about establishing boundaries and standards, and not defaulting to just assuming my needs are less valid.


    Fumi is intuitive, extremely intelligent, and truly kind. I leave each session feeling grounded and inspired. 

    Kendra, NY

    Going into the year 2022, I knew I wanted and needed to change the way that I approached romantic relationships. I had an intro session with Fumi for potential life coaching and she unknowingly ministered to my soul. That intro session was only 30 minutes but it ended in tears because I had finally admitted some of my fears and traumas that had been affecting my relationships for some time. The 2 factors that made me go with Fumi are that she was a first-generation African like myself and we shared Christian beliefs. Those are also major factors that were affecting my dating life. Also, because I knew Fumi & I shared Christian beliefs, I asked if our sessions could be faith-based and she exceeded my expectations.

    We did 4 in-depth sessions and after each session, I had a homework assignment. One of my favorite assignments so far, she had me write down all my fears and a rebuttal for them. I still reflect on the rebuttals each time those fears start to appear again. My favorite rebuttal that Fumi helped me come up with and I confess every day is “Other people’s experiences do not define mine. All I’ve seen is not all there is.” Those words have kept me in some of my low-faith moments. There was also an instance during our sessions where I slipped on a promise that I made to myself and Fumi held me accountable in an assertive yet loving matter. Since then, I have not slipped on that promise again. I have not compromised my standards. Because of abstinence, I have been able to date and leave situations with no attachments or regrets.  have been focused on enjoying my singleness to its fullest and fulfilling its purpose. And I will stay this way until a man enters my life that makes being in a relationship better than being single. Until then, it’s just me and God. Thank you, Fumi for being a vessel. I’ll be back soon.

    Liza, 24

    Coaching with Fumi is the primary decision I made in a sequence of life improvements this year.  With her help, I am growing in all aspects of my life, attracting better people, and confronting challenges in a more authentic way.  I no longer doubt myself often or overthink everything.  She challenges me to think about what I want and makes me feel empowered to be my own advocate and best friend.  I am so grateful for my decision to work with her! 

    Katie, 34, Arizona

    My coaching experience with Fumi helped to foster intentional growth in my self reflection skills. In the year since our initial call, I have been committing myself to mindfulness exercises and journaling. I chose to book a session with Fumi while concurrently in therapy to continue my self-work, and most importantly to continue centering my own needs, standards, and boundaries. The exercises Fumi recommended have helped me immensely in processing events in real time, rather than repressing feelings/thoughts. I am proud of where I am in this moment, in 2023, knowing that I am in a much better place mentally and emotionally. 

    My biggest takeaway from coaching with Fumi was the realization that I already had the skills to accomplish what I wanted to happen in my life. I just needed to hear some affirming and hard truths that I was on the right path, and consistency in my actions will get me what I want. I now know the value of investing in myself and my personal development, outside of work or school. I will also continue to hold onto the voice recording of our initial coaching session so I can listen to it again in a few months or years, and assess the progress I’ve made since then. Our conversation gave me an unexpected confidence boost to stand strong in what I want, in my ethics, and to not sway from that.


    First and foremost, this coaching experience has made me realize how vital it is having a coach who is wiser and yet still relatable. In addition, Fumi has been challenging me in the best way possible to challenge my own myths and misconceptions. She’s done this not only by asking me to identify things that I can recognize to be untrue or harmful, but by subsequently replacing it with what she calls a “higher truth.” This has been an absolute game changer for me, considering suppression is only a temporary hack. In that sense, my relationship with myself has had room to blossom and cement itself in wonderful and supportive soil.


    Fumi provides homework and stackable habits to incorporate into my life after each session. All of these have visible changes in improving my life, my thought process, the way I present myself, and the way that I act. Eventually, some of these habits have become second nature, and have given me so much more confidence. And I can directly point back to specific coaching sessions as the source for these positive changes.


    my proven coaching system

    healing and mindset modification

    get to the root of the issue


    I work with you to expose your underlying assumptions and challenge the most limiting beliefs that you have about yourself, others and the world around you.

    rewiring and reinvention


    During each session, I will expose you to more productive ways of thinking.  Following each session, I will provide at least one or two custom journal prompts tailored to your needs. This allows you to practice implementing new thought patterns between sessions, in order to achieve growth and improvement that will last a lifetime.

    actionable steps


    I guide you as you begin to implement the tools we’ve covered in coaching in your life and relationships.  I provide routines, and lifestyle changes to support a healthy mindset. I teach you how to continually refine what you’ve learned using thought experiments that reveal the power of your mind. 

    Become the Prize

    2024 is around the corner! Join hundreds of women around the world for a life changing 12 week journey of healing, discovery, and actualization.

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    most Frequently Asked Questions

    We know you have them

    Please find the most frequently asked questions below! If you have further questions, please feel free to reach out to me using my contact form. 

    What can I get from coaching that I won't get from your content?

    My content will help you identify the major issues and point you in the right direction. However, because it is geared to a large audience, it is very generalized. 

    When it comes to personal growth and self-improvement, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Each person’s journey is unique and requires personalized guidance and support. That’s where coaching comes in.




    Is There an age requirement?

    Yes, you must be 18 years or older at the time of booking

    Can I do coaching instead of therapy?

    No. Coaching is not a substitute for therapy, and most of my clients work with therapists as well. Many clients are even referred by therapists who recommend coaching, in addition to therapy.

    How long is each session?

    Each session is at least one hour long.  If we need to go over, I will discuss the options with you in real time.

    How are coaching sessions carried out?

    Each session is completed via Zoom. If you have not purchased a package, your session may be carried out without video.

    How many sessions do I need?

    Everyone who has worked with me has gotten significant results! Most of my clients who see the most significant long-term changes have worked with me for a minimum of 4 sessions.

    Are there refunds?

    Barring extenuating circumstances, there are no refunds.  Each session has a ten minute grace period.  Failure to show up without advance notice will result in forfeiture of your session, without a refund.