How to do Well in College: Pre Law College Advice

Many have asked how to do well in college with law school in mind. Making yourself attractive to law schools is not just about what you do as it but how you do it. Law schools want to see applicants who are passionate and driven, but also detail oriented and aware. Admissions committees want to be able to make sense of your academic and extracurricular endeavors in order to get a clearer picture of you and your goals. Therefore, begin to think about your choices in college within the context of your long term goals.

No matter what your interests are, the admissions committee wants to be able to see why law school is the logical next step in your life and career.

Wondering how to do well in college is the right question to ask, but it is only the beginning. Spend some time learning about your interests and strengths. Think about how these aspects of yourself pull you towards law school, and how they would contribute to the law school community. Thinking along these lines is a great way to begin drafting your law school application in your mind well before you intend to apply.

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This is content you will find helpful if you are a prelaw interested in law school, or just starting out!

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How to Get into Law School and Have Options

The easiest part of the hardest step.

“What should I do to get into law school?” When I started posting school content on my channel, I got a lot of questions about my own application. People wanted me to share tips and tricks for the application, and so I created this video!

Legal education and practice is still very much a black box. If you do not have lawyers in your family, or close social network, chances are you have no idea what to expect.

Classic 0L

Law school is actually VERY hard. Do not let anyone tell you otherwise. It is also nothing like what you saw in the movies or on tv. For these reasons, the decision to become a lawyer is not one that you should take lightly. But that is a conversation for another day.

In this video I share an overview of everything you need to know to help you package yourself for law school. I talk about recommendations, personal statements, putting together a coherent application, and…the LSAT.

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In some ways the law school application process is very good preparation for law school: it is stressful, time consuming, confusing, exhausting, and extremely detailed. The most important thing to remember when putting together your application is that the people who are reading your application have no idea who you are. And YOU are just ONE out of thousands. Therefore, you will need to stand out…for all the right reasons. Let me show you how!

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