Are Ivy League Schools Worth It?

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“Are ivy league schools better?” “Are these schools worth it?” These are some of the questions I receive from young people who want to know about my experience. Therefore, I decided to do a video on the topic.

I attended Dartmouth for undergrad, and the University of Pennsylvania for law school. I loved Dartmouth, and still cherish the time that I spent there. However, I had many problematic experiences during my time at Dartmouth. I did not fully come to this realization until years after my graduation.

I share some of my experiences at Dartmouth and Penn in this video. I also talk about the ways that my identity as a black women and an immigrant played both played an important role in my experience. My experience is my own. I do not intend to speak for any groups through this video. Rather, I only intend to shed some light on my experience for the sake of those who would like to hear from someone they identify with.

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